JMA Photography

James Anderson- Started photographing the beauty of the islands during his first visit to Sanibel in 1982. Moving with his family to Sanibel in 1990 after selling the business that he and his wife owned and operated for 15 years which consisted of a camera store, a color photo lab, a black & white commercial lab, and a studio which was located in Hillsdale NJ, Anderson was ready to begin a new business venture.  As JMA Photography, he revitalized his photographic career as a freelance photographer on Sanibel specializing in aerial, architectural, journalistic, marketing and nature photography.  His images have been viewed in the New York Times, Popular Science, Sotheby’s, the DuPont Registry, academic textbooks, as well as diverse Southwest Florida magazines and local newspapers.  Co-authored with Jim George, the book “Summer of Fury” provided a photographic journal of the devastation and triumphant recovery of his island home.  Not content to only appreciate the beauty of the island, Anderson has been a participant maintaining his Island home by serving as a Volunteer Firefighter for Sanibel for almost 20 years.

About the Photographer